Saturday, July 19, 2014

DEZEINSTEIN - MBR Circuit. (regenerative battery circuit that utilizes back emf to draw radiant energy from the Earth)

Hi everybody, I know there will be a ton of skeptics downing my circuit, but, I am not the only one making claims of any type of overunity online, so, I am not the only one here that looks as if i am crazy trying this out. There are plenty of circuits that are surely difficult to make that are supposed to create more energy than they use, but, the problem at hand is how to store this energy and use it to do work. These relays are very common in the automotive industry and you will have very close results with just about any relay used for a car alarm, a 5 connection relay from China, a Bosch relay, or any that fit into the standard 5 pin relay socket will be ideal. Be sure they have a N/C connection. If you use an industrial relay with a 24 volt coil, it will function with 12 volts to energize the coil and oscillate. The switches should be good for 15 amps if you have the correct relay. I bought one here :

They cost only $18.99, and they have adjustments that you could make the relay oscillate more efficiently, and quicker or slower, which you really need to make this circuit function better. I have been busy upgrading this blog daily so, please be patient for replies. I am still working to upgrade the circuit and make a pcb to sell to the public so you can experiment with this stuff too. It is changing daily because of requests to add this, or questions of why the changes have been made from the first video on Youtube. I changed it because the relay switches froze up on the first relay after day 4. I haven't been successful to run more than 5 amps with the circuit without draining it, so, I am after a way to power hundreds if not thousands of watts from new advances that I have been making. I will post all upgrades to my diagram day after day if I come across new discoveries, which I find new phenomenon every day! I think I have figured how to store radiant energy and actually use it to do work and charge batteries while it does so, but, it is still a Beta design for me, and I'd like other experimenters to try it out to see what they can turn this into. I have found that by laying the circuit on a metallic table, or a large metallic object that it produces much more power. I don't know why, but it is so in my findings. It also produces more energy during the day than at night. Tesla has discovered that radiant energy needs to be drawn or introduced into a circuit by having an arc gap, and an antenna which will pull in this energy if the circuit has some sort of Earth ground. This circuit does not need the antenna to work, but, it isn't as powerful without it. I have used this in my car to produce HHO gas, so, it works just fine without the antenna. It certainly can not power large loads by itself, so, put a small load such as an led on it(in parallel with the battery to start, then see what happens. The voltage usually stays the same at the battery, at about 14-16 volts when the relay is oscillating, even with light loads connected. The higher your radiant antenna, and larger your capacitor's mfd range, the more energy ytou will draw and store. When shut off, the battery will die if the load remains connected to the battery, so remember to disconnect the load or lamp you use.If your voltages are very extreme, make sure you allow the circuit to use a spark gap to eliminate very high voltage loads through your circuit. I am finding that the LED I use is a super high intensity 12 volt automotive led from China which draws 3-4 watts. This has stayed running perfectly for 4 days without discharge of the battery at all. In fact, after I shut it off,and opened the antenna, the battery resumed it's charge and rested at 14.4 volts for some time, then slowly discharges to a high 12 v range! I originally started using the battery with a resting voltage of 11.8 volts, so, the circuit certainly charges itself, even without an antenna connected! The circuit needs no antenna to charge a battery , unless too large of load is connected, and be sure your battery has enough juice to oscillate a relay. I changed the relay from an automotive style relay that was shown in my original Youtube video to a fully adjustable industrial 24 volt coil relay that can handle 15 amps in the switch for up to 240 volts. Please use this circuit at your own risk. I can not be responsible for any injury, electrocution, or fires that people may cause trying to use my circuit. To be safe, fuse the circuit lightly, and test your results of overunity and post them to this site so I could see you are having fun! It does work and I know so because I use this daily! Please post your results, and if you have any questions, please ask. I will try to help you out. The battery used is a 12 volt lead acid battery. The specs are (UB1270) 12 volt, 7 AH battery. The capacitor is a 370 volt motor run capacitor. These capacitors can be dangerous, so, please use with caution. It is not a motor start capacitor, so please choose wisely and match the components correctly. It's a Temco RC0096 . 370-440v 100uF . The antenna I use is a piece of cable TV wire, shielded with ground, and connected to the stainless steel plate to collect radiant energy, but, the open ends have 6 inches of creepage distance (stripped back and foil brought back to create an antenna that can not discharge to ground when high voltages are present, otherwise, you may be in for a real surprise if your antenna is up too high , or you are drawing in induction from nearby utility transmission lines. STAY AWAY FROM UTILITIES... It's a really fast way to get hurt, burnt, lose a limb, or just get killed from it! I do not recommend using this within 50 feet of any 5-35 kV overhead distribution line, or 500 feet of any 69kV to 345 kV transmission line. The center conductor of the antenna is connected to a stainless steel plate, which is insulated with Plastic Dip. The plate is insulated from the roof of my house, with anything that is a great dielectric, like porcelain insulators, or fiberglass insulators with rain shields on them, possibly insulators from a high voltage switchgear. The circuit end of the shielding is connected to an Earth ground. The higher the antenna, the more voltage from radiant energy is drawn into the circuit. The circuit without the antenna will still electrocute you, so, please wear protective rubber gloves made to resist electric shock. I wear 8kV lineman gloves while the circuit is running, and they may not be enough under an avalanche situation because thousands of volts can come through the antenna during local lightning strikes, especially if it were to be struck by lightning. It is best to put a disconnect point, with lightning protection on it. Please be responsible. The relay used is a 5 connection relay with a normally closed and normally open connection. It will employ an 85 and 86 terminal without a diode or resistor in the relay pack. It is vital that your relay does not have any diode or resistor tied to the coil in parallel, otherwise it will not produce back emf, or be isolated from the production of it.Warning: This circuit will produce energy that can wipe out sensitive electronics. Do not connect anything sensitive without filters or shunt protection. Otherwise, it will take out sensitive cmos ic's in the circuit and they will most likely not work again. Please be careful with any of my back emf posts as they can be very dangerous if not used in a safe manner, with the proper safety equipment. Electricians do not usually have the rubber gloves necessary to protect from voltages of this level, so, please look up the correct type and size before constructing this circuit. This circuit has produced over 1200 volts and is very dangerous in certain conditions. Please be 100% sure you drive an earth driven ground to the capacitor side of your radiant energy antenna. I recommend you disconnect your antenna during electrical storms otherwise you may be the victim of that multi million volt strike, Or you may die as a result of a strike. Please be advised that strong magnetic fields, and other types of radiation may be given off by the oscillating relay coil and energy antenna's operation. Please enclose this circuit board in a metallic shielded case (Faraday Cage) , with an isolant , or plastic standoffs to eliminate short circuit from the board to the case. I recommend a metal electronics box to be used as a Faraday Cage. I have found that noise is produced in sensitive electronic devices, through AM radios, and other devices used in my house while this circuit is oscillating. This may be damaging to human cells and tissues of animals or pets if you have the circuit oscillating within your normal living area. Thanks for visiting my page. I will be posting much more content showing results of many more of my builds and experiments . I will leave my video links here from my own experimentation as I upgrade this circuit. Try other connections as well to see which produces more. Thank you! (Real Radiant Energy) (making HHO and lighting a light while charging the battery using this circuit!)