Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MBR Circuit A-02, Looped & Transformed Overunity Relay Charger

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Hey Everybody, here is the newest addition to my MBR circuit. We have also posted a new radiant energy circuit to be used with a serious radiant energy system that allows perfect tuning that allows the energy to be utilized to run a fueless electric motor to spin a conventional electric generator! This is yours free for your personal use if you wish, the address is TTRRET-01 Circuit
As you all know, I have discovered the back emf content of a relay accidentally by wiring the relay the wrong way and getting shocked. I knew it had pretty good potential so I tried a bunch of different circuits and found that it drove a transformer I have custom wound. The circuit creates a higher voltage and the relay oscillates much faster. The battery, as well as the cap bank gets charged, then, it levels off without ever dying. It doesn't have a lot of overunity, but, it will keep running the relay, charge the cap bank, and charge the battery. You can add an LED inline or in parallel without killing the circuit, just as long as the led isn't too high of wattage. The transformer boosts the voltage and the additional voltage absorbs into the battery and cap without damage. There are losses in the transformer, as well, the relay and the relay uses amperage to run, same with the rectifier, and optional led. It is pretty obvious that the battery would die if it didn't make more than it uses, so, there is certainly evidence of another energy source that this circuit draws from, but, since it resembles the tank circuit, it does cancel all used current by replacing it with the replaced power it does draw in from the environment. This actually draws in a small fraction more than it uses, therefore proving it is possible to do, nothing else.. Since we know energy can not be created nor destroyed, we know that it is drawing this in, I believe it is drawing a form of radiant energy in through the arc in the relay's switch, as Tesla once stated he discovered, and we did rediscover this without knowing it was possible. The transformer, the relay, the rectifier and all wires/components stay cold to the touch, pretty much eliminating any possibility of efficiency loss, but, if a loss is created and another source is provided to eliminate the power used in this loss, the circuit would either be considered to be 100% efficient, if it provides an output additional to the draw, it is able to provide a coefficient of power greater than 0, meaning it is a valid overunity device. We do notlike saying anything is a true overunity device because according to conventional methods, overunity is considered to be like blasphomy, and would be considered to be impossible if obtained with any conventional means, which, this of course is not a conventional method to draw in any form of energy beyond its energy used to drive the circuit. I tested the components used with a laser thermometer and they are all within 1 degree F of each other, giving signs of absolutely no to very little loss of efficiency in heat, so, this is either a sign of no loss, or, since it is shelling out more then it uses, the heat dissipation is nearly nothing because the losses are provided by cold energy drawn in from the environment to provide the circuit with a replacement to this loss, and a cool energy to cool down the heats generated by the conventional energy used to run the circuit, which again is a completely unconventional thing that science normally does not see, unless a tank circuit is being replicated, which this is exceptionally similar, so, results will be similar.